Monday, July 9, 2012

For real this time...

Ok for real this time I started my diet today. I have had this planned out so these past few days I didn't care what I ate. I weighed in today at 160.8. That is almost two pounds since the last time. Hopefully this will go down. I will keep you updated.

Today I refurbished some boxes I had bought from Hobby Lobby awhile back. I bought them off the clearance aisle. The tissue box was $3 and the chest was $8. Both of them were more than 50% off.

I didn't think about taking a before picture, since I am new to this blogging thing. So here is the best I could get after I remembered.

They were these hideous green, blue and red so I painted them red and brown and tried to make them look worn but also match our comforter set we bought for the master bedroom for the new house. Here is the bed set.

Now here is the after pictures, they are nothing special. I just wanted them to match our room!

They are actually a dark maroon but the lighting in here sucks.

Oh well that is my first project of many for the new house. I love doing things like this. All of my crafts and projects may not be perfect but I am trying!

Until later today, since it is 3 am!

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