Monday, July 30, 2012

Its Official!

I officially signed up for the Houston Color Run and I am totally excited! I joined my friend's team "Hue know you like it!" and have already recruited two more team members! I believe we are up to 16 participants right now. It's time to get ready to run!

It is only a 5k which means it is 3.1 miles but I have never ran any great distance in my life, and by great distance I mean a consecutive mile. I had asthma when I was younger but I grew out of that thank goodness!

I found an app via a friend on facebook called Nike+Running. It is pretty legit and FREE! It measures your distance, time, calories, and average time. You also can sync your music to it and it plays in coordination, quieting when you are notified when you have ran each mile. It is pretty awesome!

Here is a view of the homepage...

 And yes I was pathetic and it took me about 26 minutes to run 2 miles, but give me a was my first day!

In other news, my Grandma will be coming down from Iowa August 22nd. I am pretty excited about this since I haven't seen her since February and she just recently went into remission from cancer.

I thought I had a picture of us but I do not. :(

What I do on Monday nights...I don't know if anyone else watches it but the show "Secret Life of an American Teenager" has gotten very chaotic. I have been a loyal viewer since season one but I think it is about time the series calms down and everyone lives happily ever after. I am ready for "Switched at Birth" to come back on though...

Now an issue I  must address because it has altered my life....WHY KRISTEN STEWART WHY????
I am a die-hard Twilight fan. I haven't been on the bandwagon since day one but when I read the books between the movies Twilight and New Moon my life started to revolve around it. I even spent a night in a parking garage at the Houston Galleria to meet two werewolves.

Aren't they hotties?

I even considered spending all of my life's savings to fly to LA for the last premiere and tent camp on the road, but I decided against it. We are buying this little thing called a house instead.

Back to the point, I have always taken Kristen's side when people put her down and called her a bad actor. Yes, she does not have very many dimensions but those are the roles she plays. I think she hit Bella dead on and I also think she would make a good Anastasia Steele, but that is a whole nother argument.

When Rob and her came out as a couple I was ecstatic, real life true-love? It's amazing! I knew they would most likely be together for awhile. They had the bond of their ever growing movie stardom to keep them together but then all of this happens!

I am infuriated! I am mad because she was dumb, I mean obviously she did it, look at the pictures!

But I am also mad because people need to back off and let it fizzle itself out. I just have hope that maybe Robsten isn't over...There are always two sides of every story. Yes, Kristen's is evident but maybe, just maybe the two of them can work it out. People make mistakes. You have to forgive and forget. I know cheating is pretty unforgivable but maybe I think they need to talk things over.

This media frenzy is not helping the situation and we all know how they can blow things out of proportion. Just let the two lovebirds deal with this themselves. Isn't this kind of like real-life Twilight? A love triangle?

Here's a hint...they end up together in the end!

Of course if I had it my way....

This is not a Twilight fan blog and nor will it be a celebrity gossip blog. I just had to get this little thing off of my chest!


P.S. The scale said 161.8. Down two pounds! Let's get this ball rolling!

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