Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympians and Baby Boppies

This blog won't be long because I am exhausted and can't wait to get in bed and put the heating pad on my new shin splints! Yay for running!

First off, GO USA! Our teams are doing quite well over there in London. I read Chelsea Handler's twitter today and she said she cried everytime someone won a medal. I have to admit that I get teary-eyed too. I can't imagine the emotion you would experience from receiving such a high honor for all of your hard work. Keep it up boys and girls!

Second, I said I would mention my new book.

I just briefly started it yesterday so I don't have much feedback yet but the introduction was intriguing! I will let you all know if it is a keeper or not.

Notice the price tag, yes I am a bargain shopper.

The author's full name is David Zinczenko just in case you want to pick it up.

Lastly, I found a new use for a boppy after your child outgrows it...


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