Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainy day...go away

Well today has been eventful to say the least.

The scale said 157.2 this morning so that is exciting.

But, I almost died today....ok, that's an exaggeration but I did have quite an accident.

I was trying to kill a spider on the ceiling so I stood on my computer chair, with wheels and got the Raid. I thought about the spider jumping on me as soon as I sprayed it so I tried to place myself accordingly. That didn't work. As soon as I sprayed the darn thing it went straight for my chest, I freaked out and fell flat on my back. I literally thought I had broken my back.

I didn't have a broken back, just knocked the breathe out of me and I am really sore now. Plus I have a scratch across my wrist. It could have been way worst. I could be laying on the ground bleeding to death with a broken back but thankfully I am alive and well enough to write this blog!

Tomorrow I am sure I will feel the pain.

On a high note, one of my favorite shows came on tonight. Awkward on MTV. I love it.

Picture of my worst nightmare.

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