Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday, bye bye money

Today was another productive day but definitely drained my bank account.

I started off by exchanging a wastebasket for our future guest bathroom for another one and also bought a lotion dispenser. I had two coupons, did two transactions and it ended up costing together what the wastebasket would have cost alone.  I love it.

Next I went to Barnes and noble and got Trav a Led Zeppelin book for his birthday and three bargain books for me.

After, I went to the mall and got him a new shirt, some candy and a Hulk Lego thing. He loved it all.

At the mall, Yankee Candle was having their annual sale and I bought some stuff for the house. I spent $30 and got six tall candles, two medium jar candles and a jar decorator thing for our guest bedroom. I also found out that they have antler candle holders that will go perfect with put future living room so I signed up for coupons on hope that I can use them on the holders!

This evening we went to one of Trav's friend's wedding and it was pretty interesting. It was a Vegas theme and they were married by Elvis. It was something I will never forget and probably never experience again.

Overall it was a good day, I just have to not spend any money for the rest o the week. We will see how that goes.

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