Thursday, August 2, 2012

$1 Sushi

I really don't even know where to begin today! The past two days have been so eventful!

Yesterday was one of our best friend's birthday so we went out to celebrate with her. We went to Ichibon for their $1 sushi (I have never really had sushi) and then to our regular spot, Big Texas.

At Ichibon I ordered the California Roll and to my surprise I actually liked it. The boyfriend even enjoyed it and he hates sushi! It is always great to be open to new things.

My California Roll...pretty much demolished.

I also had some kind of pomegranate tropical martini that was so good and pretty!

It consisted of Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka, pomegranate liqueur and pineapple juice. So good, I had two!

I was designated driver though so my drinking came to an end very shortly.

Some other pictures from last night:

Birthday girl wearing hibachi hat

Hibachi wearing birthday hat:

The boy toy and I:

Two exciting things happened today. I went by my dad's to get my mail and found a complimentary IPhone case from Victoria's Secret! 'Bout time they sent me something free.

Then I went by the house and we have the beginning of walls! So exciting!

Aside from this, it was just another Thursday. Hopefully this weekend brings something intriguing to write about.

 I am pretty sure a camo party at our home town bar shall bring some shenanigans!


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