Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little Late

I missed yesterday due to the fact that I did not get on my computer all day long! I don't know when the last time was I did that. I totally missed Throwback Thursday but I will include one in this post.

One of the reasons I did not get on yesterday was because we went to see "The Dark Knight Rises." It was so good! I wasn't expecting it to live up to the last Dark Knight but it definitely did. The movie was a little long but well worth it. I recommend everyone who hasn't seen it, to go see it.

It is going to look awesome on Blu-Ray in the new house on our new huge television!

I've been working on my hand-painted wine glasses this week. I've started on one and have been coming up with new ideas. They will all be available in my Etsy store soon. Here is a sneak peak:

I am pretty excited about them!

We went to see Suzy on Wednesday! She is absolutely adorable. We will get her in less than a week and I can not wait!

I  must go now. I have to go work in the storage building to get more Garage sale stuff ready and make room for the pool table we are getting today.

Throwback Thursday:

This is me and three of my best friends at our dance team banquet in 2004. I love these girls!


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