Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bingo Losers

Tuesday Tuesday, why are you so long and hot? I am so ready for fall!

This was the temperature this morning. I wish it would stay this way all day.
And yes, I was listening to Sunny 99.1.

We went to play Bingo last night. I got close to winning on 3 games but not quite close enough, maybe next week.

One or two away on each game. Darn it.

I got really happy the other day when I received a letter from my cousin in Iowa. One, because I love her and two, because there was a dance stamp from the postal office on it! They must know me!

Follow her blog. She is kind of more interesting than me, but don't tell her I said that!

I am so sad that the Olympics are already over. I feel like they went by way to fast. United States sure did good. I am so proud to be an American! I started following Gabby and Jordyn from the Fierce Five today. They are amazing young girls. I really enjoyed looking at all of their pictures from their journey. What an experience!

Travis has a hat rack that his Grandpa made for him and I was going to do a how-to when I re-painted it but I got halfway through and thought it looked good enough to stop at that point.

It started out with primary colors on the letters.

I was going to paint them brown then put black over it and sand it down so it looked rustic but I thought it looked good just play brown so I stopped there.

I'm still waiting for the clay to dry on my antler mirror. When it does, I will finish it and post the how-to. I hope it turns out good. Here is a preview:

I haven't updated y'all on weight lately because well, I just haven't been doing very well. Last week I was craving everything so I ate everything. Big mistake. This week I am paying for it. I wish I could be rich so I could have my own professional chef. Don't let  them fool you! All of those skinny-mini celebrities eat right because a chef cooks it for them. Life is just so much easier for the wealthy. I really don't know if I would like my own chef because I like to cook, oh who am I kidding? I know my diet will go over a lot better when I have a kitchen to cook in. It is just frustrating until then. Come on house!

For of those of you who don't know, there is a new vlog on my YouTube channel and it includes a tour of the new house. Go check it out.

I stayed up to watch Robert Pattinson on the Daily Show last night. I'm glad Jon Stewart strayed away from questions about Kristen. He did joke about it but he didn't base his interview around it. He actually talked about the new movie. Rob looked and acted like himself which is nice. I like that he is always laughing. It's either his sexy serious look or laughing. I always talk myself out of thinking he is sexy when I am just looking at pictures but every time I see one of his interviews his sex appeal comes back. I can't wait for Twilight in November.

Hunger Games comes out this weekend on dvd. I am super excited. I absolutely love that series. It is written so well compared to Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. As I was watching the Olympics opening ceremonies, I couldn't help but compare it to Hunger Games. I'm sure that is one place Suzanne Collin got her idea from. The whole world watches these people as they fight for everything  they have ever wanted. Oh the irony...

One last thing, I hate when you eat too many Hot Tamale candies and it numbs your taste buds! You can't taste anything for hours but they are just so good, I can't help but torture myself!


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