Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camo-ed Out!

Another end to another weekend. I am also going to say to an end of an era. An era of fake friends, bad choices, and no responsibility. Just like every other young person in the world, I had a revelation. It has been on the brink of breaking through for quite some time now and today it has hit.

I no longer want to live the life I have been living. I have big dreams and only one life to make them come true.

This weekend I went to the last event I had on my Facebook calendar so my obligations to please people are over with for the time-being. After losing a friend that was pretty much a one-sided friendship anyways, I have learned that it is time to move on.

I no longer want to go to bars and spend money on alcohol. I no longer want to waste money on things that I have nothing to show for. Yes, I will go out sometimes but this habit needs to be cut-back.

I need to save, I need to help Trav with the house and be responsible for myself. I can achieve anything I want to I just need self-control and discipline.

So this is me saying from now on I am living for me. I am stepping up to the plate and hoping for a home-run. You will never win if you don't play the game.

Now, for the camo part of the blog. I went to a friend's birthday last night where the theme was camo. It was actually a blast even though it was in our small hometown bar.

We look like a bunch of raccoons.

When I am told to wear camo, I deliver...

And yes, that is legit deer lease mud on my boots.

I also attended my little cousin's couple wedding shower yesterday. I say little cousin because he is a month and a half younger than me but you can tell by this picture he is actually my "bigger" cousin.

The shower was beautiful and it was nice to spend more time with my family. I love them

I am trying to think of a theme for Sundays but my mind has failed me thus far. My friend suggested I start including short stories I have written and maybe it could be Short Story Sundays but I don't know if I trust putting my writings online yet. I need to start reading my publishing book! I thought that maybe I could introduce a new character from my book every week... I don't know yet. We shall see.

Well, my hopes for this week are that Robsten gets back together, I can successfully register for classes, my shot doesn't hurt too bad, and that I win at Bingo on Wednesday! Keeping my fingers crossed!


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