Thursday, August 9, 2012

Come on weekend!

This is will be my last post until Monday so it may be long. I have been taking notes on my Iphone that I want to blog about and I think today is the day to get them out of the way.

I will not be around this weekend because my cookoff team will be cooking at the Good Ole Days Cookoff in Hitchcock, Tx. Come and see us.

Also, Trav as the weekend off so I want to spend some quality time with, especially since this weekend may be our last without a child and by a child I mean a puppy.

So, this is was most definitely the highlight of my whole entire day, ok probably my whole week!

This is so cool! I absolutely love this show!

Well today is Thursday so I shall include a throwback:

Oh yea friends, this is my 4th grade birthday. Gotta love bangs!

Now, looking at my handy-dandy blog idea list I will start rambling on now.

I'd like to start with my boyfriend. I absolutely adore him and am so thankful that I can date my best friend. I really don't know what I would do without him. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. That aside, I want to share my amazing valentine's present I got. I wanted a right hand ring and was begging and begging and begging, so being the awesome boyfriend that he is, he got me one.

Gorgeous right? OMG I love it and him!

Fruit flies...I hate you. I don't know where you came from and I don't know how to make you go back there. If there is a trick to getting rid of these bad boys, please help a girl out and let me know! Right now I am using this redneck-trap to catch them.

Yay, Kool-Aid

Trav and I went shopping the other day and aimlessly wandered into the Lay-Z-Boy store to look at couches. Well we came out with a bargain. It just so happened that the couch we were looking at had a coffee table displayed with it that was on clearance. A really good clearance. The coffee table and end table together should have been $1100 and we got them for $180! Holy crap right? I love bargains! I didn't take a picture of them because they are wrapped up in storage but I will get a picture when we take them to the house.

Holey jeans, not the kind you wear to church. It is so funny how trends evolve. It use to be that if you had holes in your jeans or if they were faded it meant that you did not have a lot of money or you were a hard worker. Now, you spend the most money on the jeans with holes in them. The still intact, non-faded jeans are the cheap ones! I like both so I am not being biased but it just amazes me that times change. I do wish the 80s would come back though...

Last random subject for today, maybe.

I love IMDB. I am that person that absolutely goes crazy if I can not place a person from a different movie. IMDB has saved me from many headaches, but I was thinking. When I hear commercials I sometimes recognize voices and I am just dying to know if I am right. For example, the Michigan commercials. I know that is Tim Allen! I wish they had a database for voice-overs. That would be double-amazing.

As I bring this rambling blog to a close, I would just like to take the time to thank everyone who comes and visits my blog! it means so much to me. I know it isn't alot but I have already reached over 500 views. For a small town kid like me, that seems like alot of eyes reading my writing.

I intend to bring you all on this wonderful journey I call life. I want to document it all so I can come back one day and relive it. Also so I can share with you.

I am going to try to start taking more videos but you will have to bear with me as to people around me may not approve of me vlogging all the time. I know my videos on my YouTube page are very outdated. I will for sure be taping special notes, announcements, and how-tos.

One last thing....

There is hope!

I got this picture and headline from Perez Hilton. I absolutely love his site and read it religiously. I have been getting all of my Robsten news from him and pretty much my news about everything else. My boyfriend hates it but it seems like I am always caught up "checking Perez Hilton."

Just in case you read this Perez, here is my fan picture for you!

I just got done watching Awkward on MTV and I am so torn. I was Team Matty but then Team Jakey and as of this moment right now I just don't know! Jenna Hamilton, you miessed up!

Ok, I am done ranting, raving, and rambling. Everyone have a good weekend. 

Oh yea, and thanks again everyone for stopping by!


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