Friday, August 3, 2012


I was going through my storage building today, getting ready for the garage sale, when I cam across a box marked "Manuscripts" in my mom's handwriting. I knew she liked to write but I would have never guessed what I would find.

My mom had written a children's book tittled "The Lonely Nail" and had sent it to a dozen publishers. I had no idea she had the ability to write like that. The book is very cute and well written along with the poems I found.

I am not real sure what I will do with this stuff. Maybe after I get my book, or three, published I can release her children's book and a book of her poems published in her memory. I don't know for sure but I don't want to let her works just waste away in a box.

Throwback Thursday? I really like this idea and want to start including a TBT post every week and since I missed this yesterday, I will include one now.

Yep, that's me with the gap and pigtails. This was our fabulous soccer team. I won't call anyone out except for my dad but he won't mind.

Mom's old stuff+ old pictures=nostalgia!

On to other things. Today has been productive. I applied for a new job at a vet clinic and I had lunch with one of my best friends and baby Parker. We love BJs...the restaurant.

We also went to look at the house and talked to our neighbors. Walking around the house made it all more real and made me even more excited!

Trav was not excited to take a picture, but I had to make memories!

Stairs to no where, for now, and a reminder of why I need to stick to my diet!

On a sad note, I made a realization today. Some people you need in your life and some people you can live without. I have definitely been cleaning up my friends list. It has been much needed for awhile.

I have a lot going for me right now and your drama is not my priority. It is not my responsibility to get your life together. I was willing to be there for you emotionally but now, I'm not.

Anyways, off of that rant. I have a YouTube account (click to go there) and I am subscribed to these crazy people I watch daily. I am seriously addicted to watching these people! I don't know if I am living vicariously or if it just makes me happy to see these ordinary people be successful but I can't get enough of them.

The first is the Shaytards. They are family of 6 and go on crazy adventures all of the time. Whether it is their trips out of state or simply down to the pool, they are just addicting to watch.  The dad also has a weight loss channel where he has taken all of the viewers on his weight loss journey and has constantly given pointers. I just love these people! Pretty much his whole family has started their own channels and they are all so entertaining.

I also am subscribed to Jenna Marbles. She is freakin hilarious. Yes, I just used freakin. Her videos are so random. Everyone has to know who Jenna Marbles is! One of my favorites is "What hip-hop taught me" I constantly laugh the whole way through.

One of my other favorites is My Drunk Kitchen. Her name is Hannah Hart and she gets drunk while she is cooking. Who thinks of these things? I am actually surprised that my friends and I didn't think of it first! She is so hilarious and just gives off the vibe "I wish she was my friend." Maybe one day...

I love all of these guys and am so happy for them being able to do what they love while entertaining us all. Go them.

Well this blog has been somewhat long today so I shall bid you goodbye, until tomorrow. Here is a blooper pic from our time at the house. Thanks boyfriend.

For the record, my shorts were riding and he thought it would be a fun moment to catch. Fabulous


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