Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Story Sunday

This week I will be starting a three part short story. This story is very important because it played an important role in my book that I am writing. The book is based off of true events in my life but I have manipulated them to all fit together in a different way. So it is based off of true stories, including this one.

In 2007 I visited California. I had a friend living in West Hollywood and I stayed with her. I wish I could back to that town all of the time.

It was a trip that forever changed my life and taught me that anything could happen to anyone.

Part one.

Being a tourist.

Since it was my first time to California, I wanted to see all of the monumental things it had to offer. Hollywood Boulevard, the beach, the celebrities, you get the idea.

We went on the Star Tour of the celebrity homes. We went to Hollywood Boulevard multiple times. We spent a day at the beach in Malibu. We went to the Universal Citywalk. We went and did a lot of things and it is an experience that I will never forget.

My flight to Cali.

Over Denver.

Chinese Theatre.

A crazy Minnie Mouse on Hollywood Boulevard.

Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Catherine Zeta-Jones house, so they say.

A popular club. Seen on The Hills.

Malibu Pier.

Legendary Store.

Splitting a shake at Mel's Diner.

I'm a Raider, grrr.

Stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

 Front gate of Playboy Mansion.

Hollywood sign.
If you personally know me, you have probably heard so many stories from this trip. I do have a good amount of them. Over the next two weeks I will tell the two that stand out the most.
I wanted to introduce this part of my life to you guys because it really does play a vital role in my book and I hope one day that everyone does read my book, wink wink!
There is a new vlog going up as we speak now so be sure to check it out in a little bit and there will be a how-to video going up tomorrow so check that one out too.
Thanks so much for visiting. I know the blogs have seem repetitive but that is all about to change. Starting in September I will be taking part in the Shayloss September and hopefully we will see some results. There is alot of other things going on in September also. Concerts, garage sales, my dad moving, river trip, a seafood cookoff. It should be a fun month so stay tuned!

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