Sunday, September 16, 2012

California Knows How to Party.

Save the best for last is what I like to say and today I would like to present you with the final installment of my California adventure.

Welcome to Short Story Sunday!

California Part 3.

Back in 2007 I was obsessed with the show "Girls Next Door" about Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. I thought they were just so cute and entertaining. I also envied their lifestyle.

Bridget was my favorite. FYI.

When I went to California I thought it would be a great idea to at least drive by the mansion. So one of the first few days that I was there, I googled the address. I doubted that I would find a legit one but we printed it out and went on our hunt anyways..

To say the least, we didn't find it.

A few days later, after our American Idol experience, we took a star home tour. As we were riding around the neighborhood, the roads became familiar. I knew right away that we must be going to the Playboy mansion. We must have been in the right area on our search.

A few minutes later we pulled up to the front gate. I was in awe. It was exactly like the T.V. show.

As we drove away  I mentally remembered how to get back.

The next few nights my friend and I made nightly trips around all of the houses we could remember, including Justin Timberlake's and the mansion. The two most important.

Justin's mailbox. Not stalker-ish at all!

One day we decided to make a round in the daylight. My friend didn't have ac so we were cruisin around with our windows down.

When we came to the mansion, the road was blocked and we had to turn around. We knew we weren't suppose to turnaround in driveways on that side of town but we had no choice but to pull in the driveway.

Right when we pulled in, a voice came from the rock speaker next to the gate.

The rock asked if we were from Texas, a little creeped out, we replied yes. He then explained that my friend had a Texas license plate.
We had a short little conversation and the jist of it was him asking if we wanted to come to a party. Um yea, duh! He told us that we needed to write a page about ourselves and put it with some pictures in an envelope and bring it back to him. Not nude pictures. He told us his schedule and we drove away, totally excited.
I immediately called my mom and dad and told them the news. They were excited for me for the most part. My friend's were not so we were told that we could never go back there again.
Total bummer.
The days went by and I was longing to take a taxi up to the mansion and turn in my envelope. I had had permission. But I didn't need to because one day my friend woke up and had decided she was going to do it anyways. If anything, she could argue that it was good for business. She was a makeup artist.
We wrote our papers, printed our pictures, and drove back to the mansion.
This time we got to park at the back gate and actually walk in! We went to the security building right inside the gate and met the face to the rock. He took our information and said he would turn it in.
It was so cool because we got to see all of the security tvs. We gotta to see the front of the house, the grotto, the pool. It was unreal.
I didn't really expect to get a call. I honestly didn't think I was pretty enough to get invited to an event like that.
When I got off the plane back in Houston I had a voicemail. I started screaming as soon as I heard the words "This is ___ from the Playboy Mansion."
I had been invited to the Midsummer Dream's party in August. My legit invitation would be arriving in the middle of July. I was so excited.
Well, my mom got diagnosed with cancer in July. I couldn't possibly leave her to go to California. I called the lady at the Playboy mansion and told her my story. She kindly put my friend and I on the Halloween party list instead.
When Halloween rolled around I was super stoked! My mom and I had done all of my shopping, including a pair of stripper heels from the adult shop.
The party itself was overwhelming.
You have to ride a bus from a parking garage to the mansion and on our bus was Carlton from Fresh Prince dressed as a monk!
The invitation said strictly no cameras and we didn't want to jeopardize our night so all I brought was my phone, which took crappy pictures. I will post pictures at the bottom.
The moment we stepped off the bus we were starstruck. Familiar faces were everywhere.
We walked through the famous entrance to the mansion where they take the pictures on the stairs to the backyard where the black and white checkered dancefloor was.
The tent was filled with people.
My friend and I grabbed drinks and jello shots and decided to make a few rounds before hitting the dancefloor.
When we finally made it to the dancefloor, it was packed. shoulder to shoulder naked painted girls, celebrities, and no names like us.
At one point I turned around to find myself face to face with my old crush Frankie Muniz. It was surreal.
As the night wore on, we drank more, danced more, and had a blast.
I could name drop every celebrity I saw there but I don't want to be that person. I will just hit the high notes.
My friend and I had got into argument at one point of the night so we wandered off in our separate directions. As I was leaving a port-a-potty I almost bumped into a bumblebee. He turned around, gave me the head nod, and said "Whats Up". I just stood there and smiled like a fool. It was Justin Long. He was one handsome bumblebee.
For most of the night we danced right in front of Hef and the girls' table. Around 1 am we noticed that they were getting ready to leave so we made our move.
I went up to Bridget and told her that her costume was beautiful and that she was my favorite on the show. She said Thanks and smiled.
After I was done talking to her and my friend was done talking to Holly, Hef looked at both of us and said "Goodnight Girls".
It was absolutely amazing. The whole night. I really cannot put into words my whole experience because you would be reading my blog for hours.
It was an event that I will always remember and totally changed my life.
Thanks Hef and everyone at the Playboy Mansion for the opportunity!
the front of the mansion

on the bus ride in

in the courtyard

Bridget and Hef

the front again


the bus ride out

Now back to reality.
This week should be more calm than last week. I am finishing up an order of Halloween glasses and will be fulfilling another order of 10-12! woo hoo!
I have to  move the rest of my stuff out of my dad's. After this I should be done moving until the house is done. Thank goodness!
Work all week. Bingo on Wednesday. Wish me luck. Cookoff next weekend. Life is good.
Thank you everyone that has been stopping by. We are over 900 views now!
I will be filming my T-Shirt Quilt How-To this week and will also try to include a different how-to on here.
I will be making gumbo this week so that could possibly be it. Stay tuned!
New vlog is  going up and new wreaths will be added to the Etsy store this week! Be sure to check it out!
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