Sunday, September 30, 2012

Short Story Sunday #5

I can't believe this is my fifth Sunday of Short Stories already. I am in love with this blog and will continue to do it for awhile for you guys and myself!

Today my inner nerd is coming out. If you have been reading my blogs then you already know that I am a Twilight fan. The cat is out of the bag and now I will share with you my best Twilight story thus far.

I must admit. I am a band waggon fan. I did not read the books before the movie came out and I did not watch the movie until it was on DVD. I thought it was going to absolutely stupid but after I watched it the first time, it stayed on the rest of the night.

 Needless to say, I was hooked.

When October rolled around I had already read all of the books and was more than ready for New Moon, the second one, to come out in theatre.

Being the Twihard that I am, I did some research and found out that some of the cast would be doing a mall tour and they were coming right here to Houston.

Of course it didn't say which part of the cast and of course I wanted it to be Edward, Bella, and Jacob but I knew it would probably not be them.

This was the deal. You had to be one of the first 75 people in Nordstroms and spend $75 on Twilight merchandise or you could be the first 500 at Hot Topic and spend $25 on merchandise.

I chose Nordstroms because there you got to meet them, take a picture with them, and get their autograph. At Hot Topic you only got their autograph.

The knowledgeable person that I am knew that I would have to be in line the night before and sure enough when I got there there was already a line. I was about the 40th person in line for Nordstroms, got a wrist band, and had a guaranteed spot. Now I had to sit in this closed off area for us 75 people watch Twilight and Transformers all night, take Twilight trivia quizzes and make new twihard fans.

I warned y'all before. I am a nerd.

When 7:00 am rolled around they brought us donuts and coffee and at 8:00 they let us loose in the store.

 They also announced that it would be two werewolves that we wold meet. Alex Meraz (Paul) and Kiowa Gordon (Embry).

May I add that all of the Hot Topic people did not get movies or food. Boo-yah.

This is the shirt I bought...

this is from when boyfriend and I went to Breaking Dawn Part 1 at midnight.
I also bought a team Jacob necklace and an Edward keychain. Yes, I played both sides. Now I am solely Team Edward.
After we bought our merchandise We got our passes to come back and meet the stars.
The day of the event I came back super early and super eager. I actually was the 2nd person in line.
And then it was my turn...
One of the best moments of my life. I was actually on TV for this too.
The link is here.
The first video I am at the 2:00 mark and the 2nd I am around the :49 mark. Look for my black and white shirt.
Alex, the one in the black jacket actually said he liked my necklace. Thanks bro!
After we met them there was a Q&A session that I got first row for.

This picture makes me so mad. They were looking right at me!
This is a story that shows patience pays off. There was alot of lines and alot of waiting and sitting but it was well worth it.
And this is why I call this story "The day I hung with some werewolves."
Always a Twihard.
Team Robsten.

This week I will be back on track guys and all of the stuff I have been promising will be coming this week. Promises. And I promise not to break them!
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