Sunday, September 9, 2012

Short Story Sunday

I know that today is suppose to be Part 3 of my California trip, the most exciting part I believe, but I want to pause from the California stories to share one that is relevant to today.

 Part 3 will be here next Sunday, I promise.

Last night I went to the Pat Green concert in Texas City so today I am going to talk guessed it, Pat Green.

This summer marks 10 years of me being a Pat Green fan and I owe it all to my dad.

The summer between 8th grade and freshman year, my dad took three friends and I to New Braunfels to ride the river. Unfortunately, we could not ride the river because it was too low but we did get to go to a concert.

Here we were, four 14 year old girls an my dad at River Road Icehouse to watch Bleu Edmondson and Pat Green. At the time we had no idea who he was but by the end of the night we were in love, or at least I was I. I can't vouch for everyone else.

It was something about his voice, his lyrics, and his Texas style that drew me to every concert he had within 50 miles of my house for the next 10 years.

Last night was the first time I had seen him at in least 4 years. He took a break for some reason from touring around Texas but I can say that I am so exstactic that he is back!

His concert was so amazing and just what I would expect from him.

My friend and I started in the very back of the crowd but it was not good enough for me. We worked our way up to almost the very front. And it was worth it.

Thank you Pat Green for a fun night and you're amazing music! I was the girl singing along to every song while everyone else just stood there.

Pat Green groupie forever!

Playing pool at the icehouse

Nice overalls Bleu Edmondson!

Pat Green!

This is Pat Green from last night.
I started a new job on Firday so I will try my hardest to keep up with everything this week. A normal work week should be easy but this week is different because I have to get garage sale stuff ready and also prepared for our river trip!
There will be no vlog this week. :( I know, sad face. The week just wasn't really interesting enough to record...I guess I could have got some stuff from the concert last night, oh well.
There is previous vlogs and a How-to make a tulle wreath on my channel, check it out!
I am working on a new how-to as of right now. Stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!
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