Friday, September 14, 2012

TGI freakin F

I am so glad today is Friday. I have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile.

Until Wednesday, I was anxious to go on our river trip but the weather caused us to cancel our plans. So now I am staying home and getting some stuff checked off of my to-do list.

The biggest thing on that list would have to be a garage sale. Four years ago my mom passed away and I have wanted to have a garage sale ever since. Tomorrow that is happening.

With my dad moving and us building our house I finally went through everything I own. I found it hard to say goodbye to some things but then thought about what I would do with it if I kept it. I would put it back in the attic and not see it for another ten years.

So goodbye useless stuff that I have been hoarding. I hope you enjoy your new home!

All this week I have been getting stuff ready and I found a few things that I just could not part with.

This is a truck that my Grandma gave to me at our beach house one year. My cousin and I both got one and pulled them around every where we went. She said she wanted it so I kept it for her.

Every Spice Girl , NSYNC member, tons of Britney Spears, and numerous other collectible dolls. I think I shall get a display case for these. Yay Pop Culture!
I also found all of my Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books. I couldn't even think about putting these in the garage sale so I am passing them down to my best friend's son. My little Parker butt!
I started my new job this week. I absolutely love it. I get to spend all of my days with dogs. My 2nd favorite animal! They are only beat by a giraffe and believe me if I could own one I would!
The 2nd day at my job though I showed up with a mysterious red eye. I think it was from cleaning Toby's cage since I am some what allergic to him but I am not sure.

 Not cute, I know.
Suzy is doing so good! Her potty training is lacking though. She use to be real good at pooping and peeing on her pad but mot she has a habit of going in front of the bedroom and bathroom door. Trav said that maybe she sees us go potty there so she thinks she needs to do the same thing. Yea, I am sure that is it babe.

Cuddling with her momma

Check out my shirt!

Pretty Pretty Princess!
I have been to sleep everyday this week before 7 pm. Needless to say, I have not got much done.
Right now I am working on fulfilling an order of my Halloween wine glasses. I just got a message about another possible order too. This is what the glasses look like. You can order them at my Etsy store. The link is below.
I know I have repeatedly said that I am working on a how-to, well I lied. I have had every intention in starting it. I just haven't but I have decided to share with y'all what it will be. Drum roll please.......
A t-shirt quilt!
As I have become older, it has become not cool to wear your shirts from high school. But I didn't want to just throw all of these memories away so I have decided to make a quilt. That way I can actually get some use out of them and they will not be just chilling in the attic.
I have wanted to do it for awhile and I am really excited. If you like how it turns out, I will be taking orders. Stay tuned for the video. It should be up next Sunday, I am keeping my fingers crossed!
It has come time for me to go to my dad's and set up for the garage sale. I bid you Goodbye and Thank you for stopping by my page every now and then. We have now passed 900 views. Yay!

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