Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Girls Can Wear That Too #2

This is my exact shirt and pants but they were cheaper in the actual store and these shoes are very similar to mine but they have a taller heel. I found mine at Charming Charlie's for $10!

I really liked my post about my outfit two weeks ago so I think I shall do it more often.

This past weekend I tried the chiffon shirt again, only this time I tucked it into a pair of statement pants.

When I left the house I felt pretty but as the night wore on, my clothes got looser and by the end of the night my shirt had been untucked and I look like a bum.
I tried not to leave it untucked for long, just mostly while I was on the dancefloor so my dignity was still intact.
I guess that depends on my dancing.
Yes, this outfit was a little over the top for the bar that we went to but I still felt good about myself.
And feeling good about yourself is the most important thing.
Here are two more pictures from Saturday...
Party time!
End of the night - hence shirt coming un-tucked

I wanted to post pertaining to felling good about yourself last week but honestly I didn't open my laptop for five days due to the circumstances.
I found out that life is better if you feel good about yourself first hand and I think you should all do the same.
One day last week (not this week so far, I have dragging butt) I got up early enough to fix my hair and dab on some makeup for work and I felt great for the rest of the day.
I actually did a lot of things to make myself feel better and productive. I did not eat a bad breakfast ( like doughnuts), I put my car seat more straight up so I can work on my slouching, I checked some things off of my ever-growing to-do list, and I took Suzy to the vet. All things I needed to do and when they were done it felt as if a burden had been lifted.
That was one of the best days I've had in awhile.
This week I have tried to do the same, starting yesterday. I came home and posted my new vlog and fall wreath like I had promised, caught up on my Shaytards, cleaned a bit, watched Switched at Birth, and got a good 6 hours of sleep.
It doesn't sound exciting but it was productive. I don't think anything beats the feeling of checking something off of your to-do list!
Today I did have a bad breakfast but I have not eaten anything bad yet since then AND I went for a brisk walk when I got home.
I have also started cleaning, starting with the guinea pig and turtle cage. Go me.
The rest of the night will consist of cleaning, relaxing, t-shirt quilt, and puppy time.
 Tomorrow I have the day off woo hoo! The plan is to go to the college and talk to them about going back to school.
Point of my ranting is do something everyday that makes yourself feel better.
Everything in your life will be better if you start with yourself.
If you are single, it will attract the right kind of people. Confidence is attractive.
If you are in a relationship it will light a new spark and your day to day routine will become peppier.
And if you are not interested in relationships and attracting people, the most important reason to do it is for yourself anyways.
Happiness and confidence. Two things that are very valuable.
If you have a few pounds that weight you down, do something about it. If you have a dirty house or car (me), do something about it. If you want to do something that you haven't got to yet, do something about it.
Whether it is fixing your hair, putting on makeup, dressing nice, running, working out, completing your to-do list or maybe even cleaning, just do it. You're life will feel so much better.
Well that is all for today folks! I have a surprise for tomorrow. We are changing things up a bit!
Don't forget about the new fall wreath and vlog I put up! The Etsy store and YouTube links are to the right!

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