Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Mom Monday #3

Dear Mom,

I am super tired today. I stayed up late working on stuff for Travis and Alyssa's wedding and then hanging out a little bit. Luckily today was a short day at work.

I had a pretty ok weekend. I hung out with a lot of friends and got a lot of sleep Saturday.

I was suppose to clean and start packing for the move but that didn't happen.

Your ashes are here now with me instead of at Dad's house. I want to make you a special spot at out new house. Travis is going to build me a pretty box that I can put a picture frame on.

I think I might put a picture of you and me when I was little or maybe just one of you. Either way, your pretty face will be on display for everyone to see!

I have a silly question. Are all of my pets where ever you are too? Like, is Abby or Bambi with you? I hope so.

So much is about to change Mom, I am super excited but also a little scared.

Growing up is scary and having your own house with your boyfriend is definitely growing. I know you will be there for me along the way though.

I miss you.


Ok readers, I told you I had an announcement so here it is.

Well I think I may have mentioned it before.

I am not sure.

And it is mostly just for my crafters.

Since my Grandpa has passed away, my cousin and I have decided to create UG aka University of Grandma.

We are going to set a certain day of the week to go to my Grandma's and she is going to teach us new things.

Knitting, crocheting, cooking, sewing, quilting, and tons of other things that she knows how to do.

I am really excited about this because A) I am getting a sewing machine and B) I get to share all of my knowledge with you guys!

There will be a lot more how-tos coming soon.

I am actually working on my T-shirt quilt now!

Stay tuned and sorry about the delay on Short Story Sunday!


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