Sunday, October 28, 2012

Short Story Sunday

I know in the past that my stories have been quite long but sometimes I want to tell you shorter stories, random things that I just feel like sharing.

Today I want to talk about chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk. I have my whole life and probably will the remainder of it.

It annoys my boyfriend tremendously. For one, he doesn't like milk. For two, it usually isn't cheap at restaurants and you don't get free refills.

Just thinking abut it makes me want an ice cold glass right now.

I always have said that my belly isn't a beer belly, it is a chocolate milk belly!

I remember when I was smaller that I had a special glass for my chocolate milk at my Grandma Joyce's house. It was a white cup with mickey mouse on it and it had a red lid and blue straw. I am going to try to find a picture of it one day.

The small things like that are always enjoyable to think about, an easier time. Sigh.

Well life goes on and I still love chocolate milk.

So if you ever meet me, I would sincerely appreciate a thing of Nesquik powder chocolate milk mix. Please and thank you!

New vlog this week and I promise to post on all of the appropriate days!


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