Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Story Sunday...on Monday

Sorry that I did not post yesterday, by the raise in my view numbers I can see that some of you were looking for a story.

Today will not be about an adventure of my but about how I became a Colts fans. It will be pretty short but I just want to say my peace about the term "bandwagon fan."

When I was younger I paid no attention to football. It would always be on on Sundays and holidays but I was busy playing with friends, cousins, and my trillions of toys.

When I got to high school, I joined the drill team and was forced to go to every Friday night football game to dance and occasionally attend Thursday night games as well.

I am not going to lie, freshman year I knew nothing. I cheered when the rest of the crowd did and mostly focused on being a Tribal Belle (the dance team).

It was my sophomore year during the NFL playoffs when I first started really watching football on TV. By then I had picked up a few rules, positions, and other details of the game.

Here I was at my boyfriend's house being forced to watch the playoffs. I couldn't tell you who was playing besides the Colts but it doesn't matter. From that day on I was addicted.

I became a Colts fan overnight and have been ever since.

This years marks ten years of me being a Colts fan. Yes, I became a fan while they were doing good but like I said on my Facebook earlier, the better they do, the more publicity, the more interest.

I can say that I have been loyal ever sine though. Even last year, our first year without Payton Manning.

I look forward to watching my team grow and hopefully becoming one of the best in the league again.

Go Colts!

Superbowl Sunday, supporting my non-playing team

At the Texans vs Colts game in Houston



Homemade Superbowl shirt :)


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