Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weigh In Update and Throwback Thursday

Yesterday I did not post for "Weigh-In" Wednesday as you can obviously see. I was super busy celebrating one of my good friend's birthday all day long!

But I weighed in at 168. something. Which is two pounds less then last week. Yay. I plan on changing a few things this week and see if I can see a bigger difference.

Since today is Throwback Thursday, here ya go...

This is from our dance competition in 2004.
After we move I will have pictures from earlier in my life, like prior high school, but all of those pictures are in storage sooooo those will have to wait.
Update on t-shirt quilt.
It has been postponed. I will have an exciting announcement hopefully tomorrow regarding the crafting and diy section of this blog.
Super excited. I am about to expand my knowledge!
See you guys tomorrow!

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