Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Weigh In" Wednesday

So as you can see, I have changed "What's New" Wednesdays in to "Weigh In" Wednesdays. I realized that I have really let my diet go and it makes me sick. When I got on the scale a second ago I just about fainted.

I figured if I have to be truthful and post my weight on here once a week that it would give me more of incentive to lose weight besides looking good and feeling good about myself.

Two months ago I weighed in at like 157, tonight I weight....170.2

Holy crap right? I am so disappointed in myself. I have told you guys that I would be trying to lose weight and I just have been really off track lately, especially with all of the food people brought to my Grandma's last week.

I know I have said it before but this time I mean it. I am dieting and trying to lose weight. Next Wednesday my weight has to be less than tonight.

I weighed myself yesterday and it was 167 and today was 170, I blame it on the spaghetti and green beans I just ate at my Grandma's.

Here is the deal. I am only going to weight myself on Wednesdays and if I lose weight I will tell you what I did to achieve that. I want to lose weight the natural way by eating better and being active. I don't want to take supplements or diet pills but I will probably get back on the routine of fish oils. They are good for your heart.

I hate how my body fluctuates so much but I plan on getting it under control. My goal weight is 125. Let's see how long it takes me to get there.

The second part of this "Weigh In" Wednesdays will be me weighing in on something going on in this world.

This week I was torn between the election and Robsten.

I chose to go the more mature route and picked the election JUST because the debate was tonight.

I didn't really pay attention to the debate. It was on at my Grandma's but I was busy looking through my Grandpa's thousands of pictures on the computer.

My Grandma said that Romney wants to take away medicare and social security. I had no idea about that. I was pro Romney because I know he wants lower taxes. My opinion doesn't really count though because I am in the bigger part of the population of America that doesn't vote.

I know that is horrible but I feel like my vote would be an ignorant vote and that's one reason the wrong person won last time. Ignorant votes. But I guess I shouldn't bad mouth anyone because I am totally stupid when it comes to politics.

I do know that this country needs someone that doesn't spend so much money on themselves and spend more on the National Debt...

In my opinion, lets legalize weed, tax the shit out of it, and get out of debt. Done deal.

You will not find me talking about politics on this blog often. I don't like to piss people off and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So you just witnessed probably one of the only political talks of the blog. Congratulations!

I will be back tomorrow with Throwback Thursday.

Oh and funny story about my second wreath I was going to post. I made it out of tulle but once it was all together it looked more Christmas-y than fall so my pumpkins I bought for it were not going to look good so now I must go buy some Christmas stuff for it. It will be up this weekend with hopefully another fall wreath.

Thanks for reading!


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