Sunday, November 4, 2012

Short Story Sunday

I really want to do a Short Story Sunday about how much I love Disney World but it will have to wait until after the move because all of my pictures are packed away. Boo.

Today I am not really going to tell you a story, I am going to tell you about something you do when you grow up in Texas.

Lucky for me I grew up half in Iowa and half in Texas, therefore I had the best of both worlds. Snow days and river trips!

If you live in the south-southeast part of Texas you will know what exactly a "River Trip" is. Here is a hint: It has nothing to do with a boat.

Every summer, people from all over this area flock to New Braunsfels, Texas. Where the Guadalupe River lies.

You get your cooler of beer, bottle of liquor, water proof radio, a tube, and you are ready to roll.

I can tell you that you have not experienced the perfect mix of a party and tranquility until you go on a river trip.

There is absolutely nothing like waking up to nature, wearing no makeup, and living in your bathing suit all weekend long.

Ok, well if you live in Hawaii or Fiji you might...

Point being, it doesn't matter if you stay in a tent, camper, or house, as soon as you hit River Road the atmosphere changes.

Riding down River Road blaring Texas Country, windows down, yelling at the party people is the best that it can get in New Braunsfels.

Every summer since I was in junior high I have made at least one river trip. Some summers were lucky to have like three.








Well obviously that isn't every year since I was 14 but like I said all of my pictures are packed.

If you ever come to Texas, my neck of the woods, you must go to the river. It doesn't necessarily have to be the Guadalupe. There is also Garner State Park and Leaky.

This is Leaky 2004
You need to put this adventure on your bucket list. And if you need help booking reservations or need someone to come party with you, you know who to call!
So I have made a decision to start uploading vlogs on Fridays and do a weekly wrap-up.
I find myself in the breaks of my themed days wanting to say so much to you guys. So I am going to write it all down and share it with you on Fridays.
I am taking a break from my personal page on Facebook. I will be posting only on the blog page and the adoption dog page. You can find both links to the right. ----->
I do however, post everyday on Twitter and Instagram. My name on both sites is djoyh.
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There is a new vlog up by the way!
Thanks for all of the support. I really can not believe how many views I have.
The future looks bright in my blogging world and I cannot wait to bring you more how-tos, fashion tips, and entertainment.

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