Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weight-In Wednesday

Screw you Halloween.

I was doing good then BAM I got hit with a truck full of candy and no self control.

So sadly there was no change this week. :( But I did start going back to the gym today. I am going to go everyday when I get off work. I am sure that will help lose this stubborn middle section that I am so famous for having.

Now, I do not like politics and I will not talk about politics on this blog.

With that being sad, I would like to talk about America.

We are one country. We follow the same rules, we drive the same roads, we pay the same government. Last night proved that politically we are cut down the middle. Almost 50/50.

I did not vote. I can not complain about the outcome because I did not exercise my right to vote. I am aware of that. My state's electoral votes went to who I would have voted for anyways...thank goodness.

I had to stop getting on Facebook last night because of all of the political bashing. Yes, Obama won. Yes, your candidate lost but guess what honey, you're stuck with it for the next 4 years.

4 years, that is it. The government might crumble within those four years but if it doesn't well hey, we have another chance to vote.

I just found it fascinating how un-supportive people were.

He is our President. He will be your President for the next 4 years. Live with it.

You can't change the country on your own, if you feel so strongly about changing the country and seeing a change and changing the President and changing the laws. Change.Change.Change. Then start with yourself. Start locally.

Get educated, spread the word of the perks of Democratism or Republicanism. Sitting at home bitching on Facebook will get you no where except for in an argument with an ignorant person.

I guess what I am trying to say, kind of off course, is the decision has been made. He is our President.

We must live with it for the next four years as a whole. As one country. As one nation under God.

Stop bashing people's political views on Facebook. If you don't like what people are saying or what is going on in our country, do something about it. Get involved. Help out in your community. Get educated then educate others. I know political parties are always looking for volunteers.

When I went to my old high school's football game last Friday, it sadden me that so many people were not involved. The drill team, band, and football team were all one third of what they were when I was there 6 years ago. The stands were empty and the fans had no spirit.

Ok, so our team wasn't the best but you wear that green and gold and show up anyways.

America needs to get involved. Change can happen but it takes a nation. It takes voices that want to be heard. Be one of those voices.

Sorry this is so long guys. I just have alot of emotions on the subject of being involved.

New vlog going up Friday and a very cute Thanksgiving wine glass will be added to the Etsy store by Friday.

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