Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here's the deal

Overwhelmed is an understatement.

I know I have probably made you mad and I have probably lost viewers BUT these past few weeks have been chaotic.

You all know I have been talking about moving for the past months and now it is here. The next few weeks I have to pack, clean, move, decorate, get ready for Christmas, decorate for Christmas, register for classes, and work.

Somewhere in there is also another trip to the deer lease.

I will document it all and I will take you all along the way but I will not be officially blogging until January 1st.

I just feel bad coming up with these themed days and not being able to fulfill them right now.

This blog is my priority but right now, just one month, I have to get everything in line so I do have the time that I want and need to blog.

I hope you all understand.

When I come back there will be guaranteed videos, how-tos, cooking lessons, decorating ideas, and much much more.

I feel like I will be depriving you and wasting your time if I promise to blog in December.

I will promise you this, December will have Week Wrap Up and New vlog Fridays.

Every Friday this month I will catch you up on my week and upload a video.

I hope I do not lose too many of you.

In January, we will be back bigger and better.

So, please like us, follow us, subscribe to us, and whatever else you need to do to get our updates.

My Twitter and Instagram will still be active so to stay connected you can follow me on either one of those. DJOYH

Thank you so much for some great months and I look forward to January 1st!


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