Friday, December 7, 2012

Wrap Up Friday #1

The first Friday of December has come so here I am wrapping it up for you.

This week has been slightly busy.

The carpet and hardwood are in the house and we are just waiting on doorknobs so we should be closing on it soon. I don't care if we move in on the 23rd, we will have our own Christmas tree this year!

We bought our living room tv this week and also looked at furniture for our bedroom and living room. Super excited about that.

I have started packing, hopefully we will get majority of that done this weekend. Considering we may be moving next week!

Suzy got a new big girl collar today!

Super adorable right?

Last night we went out, I finally got boyfriend out of the house and we went to two bars, listened to bad karaoke, and played pool with some friends. Success

I went to my sewing class on Tuesday, that was fun. I learned alot. Actually, I didn't know anything about a sewing machine until I went to that class so I REALLY learned alot. I can't wait to make things to sell on my Etsy store!

I finished one of my New Years glasses this week. It will be available at the Etsy store by the end of the day.

I am also uploading vlogs right now. I have two, one from Thanksgiving week and one from this week. I was initially going to only upload the Thanksgiving week one but I think it will be better if my blog and vlog co-exist.

As for the most part, this week has been blah, bsy, and not exciting. Hopefully next week will be full of new beginnings!

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So until next Friday...


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