Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrap Up Friday #2

Saturday- Festival of Lights with the family in Galveston then a fun-filled drama-filled house party for a friend's college graduation. Let's just say it was like high school all over again!

Sunday - We took pictures today, boyfriend, Suzy, and I, so we can hang them up in the new house. We also spent time with my family whle watching football and I registered for my 2nd 5k! Successful day.

My cousin's puppy, Zoey, super cute!
Monday- I watched the Texans football game and ate some delicious wings with some good friends. The Texans lost and Facebook was about to drive me crazy. Everyone was talking about "still having faith" HELLO they played one of the best teams in the league are still 11-2. I can't stand social media on football days!
Tuesday- I get to go see Taylor Swift finally! I am super excited! I have wanted to see her every time she has come to town and this time I actually do. I brought me little sister and future niece tickets for Christmas, even though it was more for me! Oh yea, I skipped my sewing class but shhhh don't tell my grandma!
Wednesday- I spent most of the day being lazy then I went to see Breaking Dawn again and got a little emotional after, you will see it in the vlog. I then came home cleaned a little bit then tuned into the 12/12/12 Sandy Benefit Concert. I have been tweeting along with the show if you aren't following me, you should be! djoyh
Thursday- Got into a heated argument about the Sandy Relief concert.  I just can't do stupid and they ended up getting deleted. So what they didn't have fundraising like that for Ike, that is comparing thousands to millions. No comparison. Do your research.
Friday- Omg. I am so glad the work week is over for me! About to head the hometown Christmas parade! Look out for it in next week's vlog. Also new vlog coming up today, actually right now, and don't forget the wine glasses at my Etsy store. There is still time! (Link to the right) ;)
until next week.

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