Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wrap Up Friday #3

I know I am a day late, I am sorry guys. This week was a busy one!

Saturday- Words can not explain. I had my company party and then bar this...

Tacky Christmas party anyone?
Suzy also got her picture taken with Santa on Saturday.

Sunday- None exciting day, paint glasses and checked in on the Colts vs Texans game every now and then. I also watched Rock of Ages, I loved it.
Monday- Suzy went to work with me on Monday. I think she likes Doggy Daycare!
Tuesday- Was my Grandpa's birthday who just passed away in September. We all went to my Grandma's, ate dinner, and had quality family time. Also, Pitch Perfect came out on dvd. I do not own yet and I am not happy about it...
Wednesday- I am sorry, but I believe in owning guns. I believe in protecting myself. Please do not take that right away,
Thursday- This was the big day. We closed on the house! It is officially ours now!
Also, my friends and family in Iowa are going to have a White Christmas and I am super jealous. This is my cousin's view from her room:

Friday- After working 5 days straight it was nice to see these adorable faces first thing in the morning!

Friday night we had our family Christmas with boyfriend's family. I also had an allergic reaction. Fun. Suzy Kisses:
Saturday-today- I got my boyfriend a HUGE surprise. I attempted to get all of our friends to help move while her was at work so he could stop stressing. Only three friends came but I accomplished everything I wanted to. I won the best girlfriend award and he was speechless. Making other people happy really reminds you of the joys in life.
view from my new dining room.
Until next week.
Merry Christmas!

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