Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here we go, new year and back at it!

Hello everyone!

I am officially back! And boy do I have some in store for you!

We will have all new themed days.

Monday- My Review Mondays and Weekend Recap
Tuesday- How-To Tuesdays
Wednesday-Weigh-In Wednesday
Thursday- Throwback Thursday and Advice from Yours Truly
Friday- Adoption Dog Spotlight and Weekly Wrap-up

I will be taking the weekends off from blogging but will continue to vlog.

Vlog videos will be uploaded every Friday. No matter how much material I have, there will be a video.

As this week progresses, I will explain the themes in detail.

I hope you all enjoy this adventure with me. I am super excited and super looking forward to it!

Please continue to read and spread the word!


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