Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How-To Tuesday

I think this day pretty much speaks for itself.

Unfortunately I do not have a how-to for this week, but I guarantee you there will be two necxt week to make up for it!

You're probably thinking, geez, she had all of this time to get something together and look, nothing.

Well you're right, to an extent. I did have alot of time for planning the reinvention of this blog but I am also just getting settled in and unfortunately I am between paychecks. Which would mean that my kitchen and craft room are not fully stocked right now.

Much to your luck, I get paid Friday! How-tos will definitely be happening this weekend and there will be good posts next week.

I hope all of you keep coming around and checking out this blog. It will be filled with lots of infrmation and fun!

In the meantime, check out my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy Store, and our adoption dog page Born to be Loved Adoption Dogs.

See you tomorrow!


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