Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bad Day

Today is not going to be like the usual How-To Tuesday.

I was woke up this morning by my Aunt at my door telling my Dad was taken to the hospital in an ambulance at 3:30 this morning.

After many hours of waiting and a heart catheter, we established that he had a minor heart attack and that his muscle around his heart is weak.

No news is really good news when it comes to these circumstances but in this case we did get the better news.

No stint was put in and open heart surgery is not needed.

He will be put on medication to strengthen his heart and will have to change his lifestyle. He will also have to wear a vest over the next three months that will monitor his heart and will shock it if it decides to not act right.

After the three months he will be re-evaluated and hopefully will not need a defibulator.

This has been a really hard day for me and I thank everyone for their support. It is going to be hard and it will test my family's strength but I know We will make it through this.

I love you Daddy.

See you tomorrow.


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