Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! Here we go, starting a new week. Let's make it count.

My Review
Well I would have to say this weekend was really fun but I would like to touch back on last Monday's review about the Beautiful Creatures series.

I finished it last week and let me just tell you, I am kind of disappointed.

It ended very abruptly. I know everyone wishes that good series could go on forever but this is different.

The whole last book builds up to this one event, it happens, then there is like one chapter after and the book ends. Really?

I would hold true to the fact that I said it is a good series, because it is, but I feel like the authors just wanted to get it over with in the last book. Which is slightly depressing.

I still recommend the series thou. It is very good, just be prepared for a fast ending!

This weekend I did go to a concert and I will give you a review on it next Monday!

Weekend Recap

1. An awkward man-date across from us at Twin Peaks.
2. 29 degree beer.
3. Hiding from someone in our booth.
4. Johnny Cooper in Houston.
5. Us with Johnny Cooper and drummer Joe.
6. Amanda and Tammy keeping it classy.
7. On our way to Johnny Cooper. Rain or shine.
See you all tomorrow!

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