Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting it ready...

June 1st aka Saturday is going to bring some changes.
Changes that will better my lifestyle and hopefully save me some money.
As for Weigh-In Wednesday, I was disappointed. I gained weight but I kind of suspected that from being on vacation.
This leads to the first lifestyle change. On the first I will start the 30 day squat challenge and will start the Kinnect Nike fitness. Lets see if this will help.
The second change will be not going out and spending money to go to bars. I am over it and want to focus on my work, house, and relationship.
I am still working on uploading my vlog that is 24 minutes long. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow.
Throwback Thursday
This is my dad, my grandpa, and I coloring Easter Eggs. I am assuming that is my  mom's glass of wine. I don't fall far from the tree. I always have been a little devious. Just look at that smirk.
See you tomorrow!

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