Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone!

Here I am making up for days that I have lost already but give me some credit, my dad had a heart attack and it is finals week 1.

I would like to gladly say that on Weigh-In Wednesday I weighed in at 174, which is two pounds lighter than last week. YAY! Progress is progress.

Throwback Thursday:

This is my Mom, Grandpa, me, and my Grandma all at the beach in Galveston. I blame them for me being such a beach bunny. Bring it on summer!
Friday Friday Friday. Oh geez.
You are going to be hectic my friend. I went from having two grooms to do to one and now I am up to three. I am not complaining though because I love doing it and well hey, it's my job.

Nothing is better than having a job you enjoy!

I can not believe it is already May. Its already May 3rd actually. Holy Moly.

We have the Taylor Swift concert in 13 days, how ironic since that is Taylor's favorite number and then we have our annual Memorial Day River Trip starting the 23rd.

I am so ready to get that weekend over with. I always stress when I plan things but yet I love being in charge. I feel like things won't get done unless I am in charge. So here I am trying to get a weekend trip together with twenty people. It will be fun though and I am ready to be on the river soaking up the sun!

Here is what I mean when I say River trip:

Thank you for sticking around this week. It has been a hard one and has brought on many realizations.

My dad came home on Wednesday, thank goodness, and is feeling better. His lifestyle has to change and he has to take care of himself. I can't imagine him not here. I would be lost.

Speaking of my dad, how ironic is it that Glee's episode last night was about Kurt's dad being cancer free and Kurt having to think about losing him. Not going to lie, I cried. When he said that his dad was there for him when his mom passed, I lost it.

I have to admit that I cried when Andy Dick got kicked off Dancing With The Stars this week too.

I have been a wreck this week!

This weekend will be good though. My little sister is staying the night tonight while boyfriend works nights and then we have her soccer game and a birthday party on Saturday.

Well this is long enough today. I love you all and thank you for reading. Also, thank you for all of the supportive messages concerning my dad. I love him and do not know what I would do without him. He is my rock.


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