Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monday, that's a good day for new beginnings

First off let me start by saying school is over and the posts will be regular again.

Second, make sure you follow me on intsagram and twitter. My name on both is DJOYH. I constantly am posting things so if you want to stay in touch, follow me.

So let's talk about this weekend.

The plan was to come on here and be like "Oh man it was awesome" but in all reality, it was one for the books. I would have changed a few things, like some people, but otherwise it was amazing.

I know I didn't do a weekly wrap up so my weekend recap will have a few things from last week also. If you follow me you have probably already seen most of these pictures.

My Review
I would like to say an official farewell to one of my favorite shows. I have watched it from the beginning and I am sad to see it go. Along with 17 other shows so far, Smash has been cancelled.

If you haven't watched it, I suggest you catch up on episodes before the series finale on the 26th.

Now let me warn you, it is not for everyone. I love musicals, I love dance, and I love anything that has to do with productions. This show is all about that. It follows a group of people with intertwining stories as they all rise on Broadway.

It has some pretty good twists and keeps you hungry for more each week.

Sadly it will not be back and I may go into depression but until then I am going to re-watch the episodes I have downloaded on ITunes and enjoy all of Smash's magical moments.

Good luck cast in your next projects and may Smash live on!

Weekend Recap

1. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven. At least that's what they say in Texas.
2. I was waiting for my friend to get ready on Wednesday to go out so I facetimed her.
3. Boyfriend and I take 1
4. Boyfriend and I take2
5. I got my work phone and a credit card reader! Now we are in business!
6. Someone please buy me this short from Urban Outiftters. Love it
7. Tried pulling The Chelsey look from Myrtle Manor, she commented on it on Instagram. Whoop Whoop.
8. After party on Friday night
9. My Jack in the Box called me out
10. Day at the beach on Sunday
11. All pretty for the shananigans on Saturday after the beach.
12. Happy Mother's Day. I love and miss you Mom!
Well there you go, There is my weekend in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy. See you Wednesday!

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