Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday

So I know I have been MIA that last two days but I have had finals and today I can officially say that I am done and can enjoy summer! I passed all of my classes and I and I am super excited!
Now some bad news, How-To Tuesday is going to be postponed for right now. I love to craft and I love making tutorials but I do not have the extra funds right now to be crafting. Heartbreaking I know. There may be a How-To Tuesday every now and then and if there is going to be one I will announce at least a day ahead so keep a look out.
For weigh-in Wednesday I weighed in at 174 still. This makes me happy though because I was stuck a 176 for weeks and now I am stuck at 174 so that is good I think. I also started doing 100 crunches and 10 pushups (I'm weak, don't laugh) every night on Monday and so maybe this will make a bigger difference in next weeks weigh-in. I also would like to start the 30-day squat challenge but that may have to wait until after the river trip. I would hate to start it then take a four daybreak.

This is my mom, me and my dad on the first day of school of first grade I am guessing.
I don't think it gets more 90 than this.
The hair. The clothes. The Lisa Frank backpack. The video camera.
This has 90s kid written all over it!
Boy do I miss Lisa Frank! Was anyone else obsessed?
See you tomorrow!

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