Monday, May 27, 2013

Vacation is over!

Hello Tuesday!

Today is not going to be a How-to, I just couldn't wait to get my blogging week started!

It was one for the books, again. I love that my weekends have all been really good lately. Life is good.

I learned a few things this weekend and also decided, again, that is time to make some change around this neck of the woods.

Let me just recap the weekend for you.

Like most Southern Texas people do, we spent the past FIVE days at the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas.

We rented a duplex, both sides, and had 20 of our friends there.

Overall it was a blast but along with a  good group does come drama, unfortunately. That aside, we still had a blast. Here is some highlights!

This is our house we stayed in. It was so nice. We plan on going back next year!
Here is a pretty big part of a group partying on the porch. 

Boyfriend and I in our Memorial Day River Trip shirts

Partying on the pier.

Watching the party from the balcony

Some of the girls on the first night.

Pretty awesome panorama


Boyfriend and I on the river. Time to get strict on Weigh-In Wednsdays

Drinking some wine...slappin the bag they call it!

A friend and I on the river
Dancing with some sandwiches.
Well now that we are updated on that, let me just say that living in your bathing suit for five days is definitely motivation for Weigh-In Wednesday. This girl will be skinnier by her next river trip. (end of June)
I also have an announcement today. I have found some projects that I plan on doing for my house and business and will be sharing them with you. So How-To Tuesday will be back next week. Get excited!
See you tomorrow.

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