Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching up...

Here I am on Sunday night, trying to get back on track. When will life slow down? Actually, I hope it never does. I love my life.

I don't even know where to begin to catch everyone up. I guess I will just show pictures and try to get you up to date!

I went to support a friend and her band at Club Pride. Surprisingly a group of friends agreed to come with. It was so much fin. I am sad that they are closing!

I finally washed my car, even though it is already dirty now. I have always loved how all of the colors look running together!

I went to the doctor and had blood taken, the bandaid matched my shirt.

Bought shoes for our river trip this weekend. Yay dollar store!

I have decided to be more healthy and have replaced my cokes with water and Mio. I love the Berry Blast.

Suzy's new wardrobe additions! Laters baby.

My own little paradise oasis I made in my backyard. Blow up pools rock.

The next day I found a real pool.

Meet Tucker. He is the week old puppy I am taking care of. His mother smothered his 10 brothers and sisters.

So sweet! My first foster child.

Going to a bachelorette party.

Me and the pride.
The crate had to ride on my lap since we were jam packed in the car.
And that is what I have been up to lately.
I have also have joined an indoor soccer team. We have only won one game out of four but we are all still getting our groove back. I haven't played in like 7 years! Today we all played really well together and the score was kept low. We will be great by the end of the season.
Unfortunately we were short on players today and two of us got hurt but we played through it anyways. One girl got pegged in the head and I got shin checked pretty good. My whole shin and ankle hurt but hey, its the price you pay.
My Review
This week I would like to turn you on to a new band. They are a local band called Southbound 45. One of my best friends is the lead singer and I had the pleasure of watching a few songs on Saturday. Check them out! click -->Southbound 45
I will keep on track this week guys and there should be a How-to on Tuesday. I am working on a pretty cool mason jar collar and leash holder for work. Hopefully I can finish it before Tuesday!
Also, two new vlogs are up!
 I will hopefully see you all tomorrow!
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