Monday, June 10, 2013

How-To Tuesday

Today I made a piece of art for my space at work.
I say a piece of art because that is all I can consider it. It is definitely one of those Pinterest ideas that look easier than they really are.

This is what you will need:
A canvas and the words you want printed out in the font you like in different sizes.

You will need to cut all of your words out. I did not cut the letters out separately because I figured if you keep them as a word the spacing will be better and they will be easier to keep straight.
Figure out where you want them then mod podge them on.
I mod podged the whole board so it would be the same texture.
Now you trace the letters with your glue gun. This is where it gets hard. Flooding the big letters and keeping it all smooth is the hardest part.
If you mess up, that's ok. Let it dry and you can peel it off and try again.
When the glue dries, top it with a few coats of spray paint.

Since I am hanging it on my wall I painted the border a color that went with my room.
And there you go. Believe me when I say the hot glue part is not easy.
See you tomorrow.


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