Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just another Manic Monday

Real life starts today. I will finally have to act like an adult and conduct my life on a schedule. I will start being at my work from 9 am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.
This is good because it will allow me to get a lot of things done. I literally will be sitting up there just waiting for walk-in grooms when I don't have appointments.
This means I craft and work on my book! And stay on top of my blog! Yay!
Now let me just explain to you about last week. Last week was hectic. I know I use that excuse a lot but for reals. I was busy and sick. Fun.
I am not going to have a review but I will take you back to a few days of last week.
Last Friday I participated in a Mother's Day out to promote our new business. They also gave some of my wine glasses away as prizes!

The rest of the weekend I found myself at my friend Brooke's house, drinking and lounging by the pool.
Tuesday we went to the Astros game with my friend Brooke, her husband, and her baby. It was his first Astros game!
That's the boys in their rally caps, me lookin like a tard, and boyfriend carrying the baby. He has daddy tendencies somewhere in there!
Wednesday was a special day. It was the 5 year anniversary since my mom passed away. Every year we go to Galveston to either go to the beach or just eat lunch. Since it was on a week day this year we just ate lunch and had some drinks. It was a perfect day!
I weighed in high on Wednesday but I also weighed myself after all of the liquor and food..
I did start the Kinnect workout and let me tell you that it is kicking my butt but I am trying!
Weekend Recap
1. My little cousin graduated High School.
2. My skirt made me feel like a princess.
3. On my way to a Passion Party. Feeling 80's-ish.
4. Cookoff on Friday night.
5. Cookoff snapchat on Saturday night.
6. My cousins and I at graduation on Friday.
7. Cookoff on Friday.
I would like to dedicate this post to a puppy we lost. She was the sweetest thing and definitely my favorite from the litter.
Rest in Peace sweet girl.
The long vlog I have been talking about is up finally! Working on last week's now. Find them here.
See you tomorrow!

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