Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Announcement Time

Happy Throwback Thursday!
This is when I worked at a doggy daycare in 2010. Absolutely loved my job but the hours sucked and I was moving further away and it wasn't going to work out. :(
This is also a farewell to my career of working with dgs. I quit my grooming job on Monday to return to school full-time to get my teaching degree. I have been wanting to it for awhile but never went through with it so here I am, full-time student.
I will be grooming on the side though!
So, that's one announcement. The other one is that Wednesdays will start to be Weigh-In Wednesdays and What I Wore Wednesdays. I love fashion and would love to share that with you all!
Please come back and check it all out!
Also, there will be a vlog going up tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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