Sunday, July 7, 2013


The Holiday, free time, planned activities, and bad eating have all come to an end. It is now time to focus on work, which is booming, the house, and my relationship.
I have been super busy lately, hence the fact that I have not been up to date on my blog posts. That is also on my commitment list!
This past week marked the end to my social calendar. I officially have nothing on my to-do list and I am super relieved.
Don't get me wrong. The all girls river trip, the 4th of July and one of my best friend's wedding was all a blast BUT I am ready to have some "me" time.
I know you all probably think that I am a perpetual liar but I promise you, the posts will become regular again. My life should become regular again!
But enough with the life changes and lets talk about the past week...
For the 4th of July, boyfriend and I went to the beach with our friends. This was the second year in a row we did this so I am assuming it will become our tradition.
This is me before the beach...
And this is me after the beach, on my way home to get ready for my friend's wedding. Let me remind you that I only had twenty minutes to get ready when I got home.

Not too shabby for twenty minutes right?

At the wedding...

The girls and I.

Friday night we had book/wine club at my house. We also had a "Slumber Party" Suzy was intrigued...
Saturday I worked all day long and came home to read Fifty Shades and go to bed early. Sunday I grocery shopped and clean the house. Exciting weekend right?
On a sad note, I would like to dedicate this post to my sweet baby boy Tucker who I was fostering. he passed away on Friday and totally crushed me. May we run freely in doggy heaven.
I still cry when I think about it.
R.I.P sweet boy.

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