Monday, July 1, 2013

How-To Tuesday- Dog Leash Holder

So I saw an idea on Pinterest. It was for your bathroom to hold q-tips and such. I put my on twist on it and came up with my own collar and leash holder.

Bad picture, I know. I will take a better one when it is finally hanging on my wall.
Not all of the steps are pictured on here. This was a project that I started and created but my boyfriend screwed and cut. Thank goodness for him.
old wooden pallet
plain, unpainted wood name plates from Michael's
mason jars
decorative hooks
the middle thingys to hold the mason jars on
blackboard paint
First I painted the name plates with blackboard paint and regular acrylic hunter green paint to match our d├ęcor at work (camo).

Then I stained the two pieces of wood boyfriend took off of the pallet.

Then boyfriend measure everything out strategically. He drilled everything in place and ta-da. I do know that he put back up wood on the back to stabilize everything.

If you attempt this, Good luck! I hope it turns out as great as mine.

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