Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wrapping up the weekend

I am just going to cut to the chase of recapping. No special intro today!
Last Wednesday I went to the circus with my Dad, stepmom and little sister. The show was really good but it was extremely crowded. It is amazing how rude people can be when they have their kids with them. Why be pushy? I will never get it.

My little sister and I. She was so excited!
Friday, I met up with friends and enjoyed some drink, dancing, and karaoke.

I tried a new hairstyle by flipping it out. I was not a fan.
Wardrobe change! And a foot.
Saturday I went to a really good friend's concert. It was so fun! Sober can be fun too! I need to do it more often and work on this weight loss.
This is so motivation for weight loss. Ugh! Hello fat arm!

Fish face sexy attempt? Fail.
Go Ashley! Like her Facebook page HERE!
Today I celebrated my Great-Grandma's 98th Birthday party. Sorry, I have no pictures. My cousin has them all on her camera.
For the rest of the day Suzy and I have been lazy.
Just chillin.
I am excited to start Weigh-In Wednesday and What I Wore Wednesday this week. I know I have let you all down lately with staying up to date with the blogs but my mindset is to do this.
Priorities for this semester:
Straight As
Work on my relationship
Lose weight
Keep my house clean
We will see how this goes!
I also uploaded a vlog! Check it out!
And you might be seeing a How-To Tuesday tomorrow!

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