Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How-To Halloween Edition #1

This is labeled "Edition #1" because there will be more Halloween how-tos. We are having a Halloween party this year (hence the invitation how-to) and I am doing a lot of stuff myself so stay tuned for lots of new projects!

Here is the front.

And here is the inside.
What you will need:
-black, yellow, red, and purple cardstock paper
-white computer paper
-a computer
-a printer
-a black permanent marker
-a paper cutter
-a white paint pen


The paper cutter I own, it makes cutting a straight line really easy.
This one is "recollection" it can be found at Michael's.
I cut about 2 1/2 inches off of the bottom and about an inch off of the side to make it fit in the envelope. Your size can vary depending on your envelope.

After cutting it, I scored it down the middle for a clean, straight fold.

White computer paper.

I cut it in strips the width of the black paper.
I then free handed a stencil of vampire teeth then traced them down the paper.
I also free handed the hand for the front out of computer paper. I did the same process, made a stencil then traced it.

These I printed from my computer than cut.
 It reads:
You are invited to have a
Please join us for our
fun Halloween party.
7:00pm until the bats go to sleep
There will be a costume
contest with prizes so
come dressed in your
best...or worse.
We will supply the food
and soft drinks but
please bring your own
intoxicating "brew"

This will be a part of the sleeve. I cut the colored paper the same width as the black paper, like I did the white, then cut the desired pieces.

Here is the sleeve and hand together. I then added a third layer of the sleeve in black.

After attaching the sleeve, I added rhinestones to accent. I also made the fingernail and the dot for the "I" a rhinestone.

For the inside I made an imitation caution tape. I chose to use spooky wiggly writing. You can use this or maybe the block lettering like real tape. Your choice.

This the white paint pen I bought at Michael's.

Finished front.

Finished inside.
I hope you all enjoyed this and sorry if you didn't get invited.
See you tomorrow.

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