Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nostalgia Wins Again

So Monday night I sat down and watched my dance team's spring show from my senior year for the first time in about 5 years.
All I can say is wow.
So many memories were made on that stage and so many friendships started.
It almost hurts my heart how much I miss those days.
I am not talking about the cliché "oh I wish I could go back to high school."
Ok well maybe I am, sorta.
I wish I could go back to the days of after school dance practices, competitions and Friday night football games.
Oh how I miss those football games. The adrenaline that accompanied those nights is incomparable.
Joining the dance team was the very best thing I could have ever done with myself. It makes me so proud to have been able to be a part of that team.
The memories will forever live with me.
I am lucky to say that unlike most graduating classes, mine has stayed pretty close-knitted over the years but yet that doesn't surprise me. Our class was very unique.
I hate to sound conceited but I feel like we set the a very high standard for the years to come.
Yea, I said it.
And I don't mean just the senior class of the Tribal belles, I mean the whole entire graduating class of 2006 from Santa Fe High School. We were all so close and had so many good times.
When I watch high school movies and see how bad they make high school out to be and how "clicky" kids seem, I just laugh. Our's was not like that. Well, at least I think that way. Maybe it was because I was friends with everybody!
As I sit here and watch our senior finale, the memories flood back and I remember how much we all loved each other and how much I love the two women who coached us.
Oh high school, I miss thee...
Here are some pictures, since I am on a high school kick, next Throwback Thursday will probably have more!
Soph. competition
Banquet soph. year
My cousin and I at the senior pep rally
Football game
25th anniversary jr. year
Opening number senior year
Hip Hop senior year
Door Prize girls, did it all four years
Competition junior year
Banquet Senior year
Chair dance
My mom, me and my dad :) Senior Parent's night
Seniors, never serious
Seniors, again..never serious!
Our last bow!
Now as I watch these videos and look at these pictures, I can se why I like to be center of attention and it is because you put me there Mrs. Hanssard.
Thanks for that!
See you all later!

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