Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh Geez

I was not going to post until later but I am just now watching the Teen Choice Awards and saw Lea Michele's dedication speech to Cory Monteith. Heartbreaking.
I can't imagine losing my boyfriend but I REALLY can't imagine losing my boyfriend in the spotlight of the world.
When I have lost people I love, I have mourned privately. I can not even begin to fathom how hard it must be for her to do it publically. My heart reaches out to her!
Now, Let's have a...

My Review

Here is the series I finished last week. It is by the same author who wrote the "Bright Young Things" series that I reviewed awhile back.
Now, let me tell you that I love both of these series. It may be because they are set in different eras when life was different from how it is now and I find that intriguing or it may be because the stories keep you on the seat but either way, both of these series are great.
The only downfall is that you find yourself falling in love with certain characters and you want them to make certain decisions and you want things to work one way but they somehow always go different.
If you're ok with outcomes you don't expect or particularly want then yes, read these books.
They really are good, I was just annoyed by both series endings.
I did finish them all within a week though. I couldn't put them down, if that tells you had good they are!
I do recommend them! 
Weekend Recap
This weekend we had another cookoff.
Boyfriend and I got second cut in fajitas and our team got 2 second cuts in pulled pork but we all left empty handed.
There is always next time!
My new wine glass and koozie.

Boyfriend and I on Saturday night.

On the way to cookoff Saturday for round 2

Up at 4 am cooking a brisket. Ended up staying till 730!

This why you do not wear flip flops to cookoff. The next night I wore my Sketchers Twinkle Toes.

My ghetto way of warming of my  bar b que sauce for my chicken!
As you can see it was a fun weekend. I have a busy week schedule and can not wait!

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