Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Special Weigh-In Wednesday

Today I am going to be really honest.
I am a horrible dieter. Absolutely horrible.
I love food. I eat what I want and therefore I am here...
Monday I went to a consultation for Lapband. I had applied online and they said that my insurance would cover it but when I got up there I found out that my bmi is not high enough.
Yes, that is a good thing BUT I was looking forward to taking this step into my future.
Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to pay for it out of my pocket so I will change my lifestyle.
I know that since I have started this blog that one of my goals was to lose weight and guess what, I am heavier than I was before.
Stress has played a big role in this and so has my stupid sleeping schedule.
With school and work starting Monday I feel that maybe this time I can really commit.
I am 25, that is still young enough to change my life. Any age is young enough to change your life but 25, I believe is perfect.
So here I am, thinking more about what I am putting in my body before I do.
Being declined for the surgery really disappointed me. I pictured a whole new life in front of me, but then I realized that maybe surgery wasn't the answer.
Everything happens for a reason. This was a wake up call.
As of today, again, we are going on a journey together. A very hard journey but I have faith.
Let's do this!
I weighed in a 183. Let's see this go down!
See you tomorrow.

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