Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Writing. It is what I do.

Today's post is to update you on my progress of writing.

I know some of you will read my blog and think "She is writing a book? Her grammar is horrible." Yes, I know, my writing on this blog usually isn't correctly written with proper punctuation or grammar.  
I write this blog the way I speak. When things come to mind, I type them in a conversation form more than a book form.
I promise you that my book does not read like a 3rd grader wrote it.

That being said, I have made some what of progress on it. I am on Chapter 22 now and have sent out queries to some agents. I have had a few nibbles and am finalizing my first 50 pages before I send it to them.
I am super stoked. I can not wait to find the perfect agent for me then quite possibly get published. Yay.

Today is a short post, it is Wednesday and my sleepless nights are catching up to me. I will be back tomorrow with some projects I have done around my house. A lot of them are hand-made so I will prob be doing some how-tos on them also.

See you tomorrow.


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