Monday, February 3, 2014


Here I am, caught in my lie of "I will keep up to date with this blog." 
I haven't wrote anything on here in a month and now I know why.
I realized that I wasn't blogging for the right reason. I saw other blogs be successful, people make money off of them, and I wanted that.
In reality, I don't though. I want to be able to express myself. I don't want to have topics I have to write about. I want that to be my job. I want THIS to be my blog. Nothing more.
The themed dates are out. Sometimes I will write everyday. Sometimes I will write every once and a while. Maybe sometimes I will even write more than once a day.
I just want to write what I want and when I want. 
Things feel better when you get them out. This is my place for that. If you want to stick around to read it, that is fine. If you find me boring, that is fine.
I was doing this for views but now, I am doing this for myself.
I will share my vacations, my ventures, my life lessons but I am not guaranteeing what day they will be on.
I will teach you how to do things, I will show you what I make but not on a specific day. 
So here I am, making a new promise.
I promise to be honest with you. I promise to sometimes make you cry and sometimes make you laugh. I promise you that my punctuation won't always be correct but I will type like I speak. I also promise no guarantees. There isn't any of those in life anyways and I don't want to be the one that lets you all down.


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